The Long List of World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons)

The Long List committee is a committee set up by Noreascon 4 under the leadership of George Flynn to put together a complete, accurate Long List of Worldcons and ancillary data which is free of typos and other trivial mistakes. The WSFS BM at ConJose appointed the N4 Long List committee to also be the official WSFS Long List committee and subsequent Business Meetings have continued the endoresement. At present, the committee consists of Mark Olson (Chairman), Kevin Standlee, Joe Siclari, Rich Lynch, Dave Grubbs, Colin Harris, Vince Docherty, and Craig Miller.  Reach us at <>.

Our charter is to produce and maintain a Long List of Worldcons, a Long List of Nasfics and a Long List of Hugo Award nominees and winners as a set of web pages.

Our philosophy is to create lists which accurately reflect reality without being so detailed that the main information is lost in a forest of subtle detail. To do this we have divided the Long List into two parts: The Long List itself and an extensive set of notes. We anticipate that the Long List will be printed in Worldcon Souvenir Books and the like, while the notes will typically only be referred to on-line. When multiple interpretations of a piece of data (who chaired a convention, what its name was, where it was held, etc.) exist, our policy is to have the Long List include the version which in our judgment best reflects the facts as understood by the people involved, and to document whatever variations or details we have discovered in the notes. We will respect historical judgments as long as they are not clearly in error, and we will attempt to objectively verify any corrections or notes we add.

This information is freely available, and is established by WSFS to be the definitive list of Worldcons and Hugos. Permission is given to reprint the material provided that it is reprinted intact and without editing. You may include the notes or not, but if you include them, you must include them in their entirety. We do request that you acknowledge the source of the data by linking to or printing our URL.

The Long List of Worldcons  and Notes on the Long List of Worldcons

The Long List of Nasfics  and Notes on the Long List of Nasfics

We continue to research old documentation and revise information (mostly membership figures) as we find additional information.

Service Mark Notice: "World Science Fiction Society", "WSFS", "World Science Fiction Convention", "Worldcon", "NASFiC" and "Hugo Award" are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society. You can contact the WSFS Mark Protection Committee at <>.